1st ConTEXt User Meeting   (Epen, Netherlands, 24th-26th March 2007)

Travelling to Epen

The closest airport is Maastricht / Aachen. From there, the easiest travel mode is by taxi. There is only one flight coming in from Schiphol each day (around 6pm), so other TeX-ies will be on the same plane.

From Maastricht Railway station, bus 57 will take you to the center of Epen. All Friday afternoon, it leaves every half hour, but after six p.m. only once per hour, at 13 minutes past the hour.

Bus tickets are in the Netherlands are based on a zoning system. The cheapest way to buy a set of 15 usable zones, is to get a `strippenkaart' at a pre-sale point. The book shop (Bruna) of Maastricht railway station is one of those points, just ask the at the counter. Maastricht-Epen is 8 zones.

From Aachen Hauptbahnhof, you have to take bus 420 to Maastricht/Beek NL, but get off at the bus station in Gulpen. From there you will travel on the same busline 57 (but in the opposite direction) as the dutch travellers, to get at the center of Epen.

Below you will see a detail map of Epen, The Netherlands, courtesy of Google. The bus stop is near the top, where the yellow street (Julianastraat) meets the two diagonal small streets (Heimansstraat and Krekelstraat).

The location were we are staying (Het Bovenste Bos) is at the very bottom of the google map below, almost at the end of the bend in the bottommost part of the `terzieterweg' (number 48). The dark grey line is the border with Belgium, by the way. It is a 30 minute walk from the bus stop.