2nd ConTEXt User Meeting   (Bohinj, Slovenija, 20th-25th August 2008)

Impression from the meeting

I really enjoyed myself at last weeks's meeting. Mojca and friends have done a great job. In addition to a filled up program we had a wonderful day going around Slovenia (incredibly silent outside the facilities and a sky full of stars, something impossible in nl), terrific bonfires, texies walking on ropes between trees, the highest density of laptops per tex conference, one of the most relaxed tex conference wrapups/endings ever, and ... there are already suggestions floating around for up to three locations for context meetings after next year (2009 will most likely be in delft, nl).


Before I go back to bed to sleep another eight hours I want to let you know that I got back in one piece last night, to thank everybody for all the gifts I received and, again and especially, I want to thank Mojca and the other organizers for making me really love Slovenia now.

It has been a truly great conference, and I hope to see you all again soon!


This ConTeXt meeting has been for me a really wonderful chance to get back in the loop of the TeX world in general and the ConTeXt world in particular. My most grateful thanks go to the organizers (and the participants!) for the the wonderful week spent in Slovenia.

    Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

Impressions from the 1st user meeting

After 15 hours (door-to-door) on many modes of transport, I made it back to the Homeland with all the books I found in Europe, the ConTeXt materials, and the MAPS issues that Willi donated.
Many thanks to everyone for the meeting in Epen, which I enjoyed more than any meeting in many years. And thanks especially to Taco and Hans for the excellent organization that provided lots of time to learn about ConTeXt and to chat late into the night while sampling the local beers. It was a nice way to make new friends! I look forward to returning to Europe next year to see everyone at the 2nd users' meeting.

Happy hacking,

I'd like to add my thanks too, to everyone, but especially to Taco, Hans, Willi and all the other people who did everything in the background which allowed us to enjoy the meeting so much. I too hope to see you all next year, wherever we are!

Thanks for everything.

Just wanted to chime in: the meeting was most enjoyable. I would have loved to see the mkiv presentations, but i trust you'll make a nice documentation of it. And I wanted to thank you all for this splendid experience. I'm already looking forward to ConTeXt 2008!

All best