2nd ConTEXt User Meeting   (Bohinj, Slovenija, 20th-25th August 2008)

Enjoy your Holidays ...

Bohinj is a perfect place to spend your Holidays there. Depending on Summer it may still be warm enough for swimming in the lake, but certainly the perfect time & place for going into mountains (when it is not raining). In case of a nice weather, we can prolong the meeting in an informal way for a day or two by going into mountains or in some other way, maybe even with "garden hacking sessions" (only for those interested to stay). Let me know.


Bohinj is situated in the heart of Triglav National Park, around a lake in Alps. Bohinj. (see map here)

Ribčev laz 63
4265 Bohinjsko Jezero

Phone: (+386 4) 572 41 40
Mobile: (+386 31) 607 567

See location from the air (opens in a new window - click on Topo to see the map)

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How to get there?

Ribčev laz 63
4265 Bohinjsko Jezero

My phone: (+386 41) 767 546

Let me know how and when you are planning to come. If anyone will come from the same direction by car, he/she might be able to pick you up somewhere.

By car

Note that you either need to buy a vignette for 35 EUR or avoid motorways. When comming from North, I would suggest avoiding the motorway. It's only a few kilometers before you need to take a local road anyway.

http://www.geopedia.si/ might offer you a better insight into Slovenian roads than other foreign pages.

Tip: You need to stop in Bled – either on the way there or on the way back. It's a really nice town.

By train

Check timetables on http://www.bahn.de.
Check this page for special offers. (If you need a ticket from Munich for 30 EUR, ask me.)

Choose one of the following stations. You can continue the way by bus:

By bus

You might want to use bus to come from airport or train station.
Check for bus connections on http://www.ap-ljubljana.si.

You need to step out in Pod Voglom. The first hostel on left is not the right one (unless you were late with registration), so continue for about 100 m until you see the house with a cow :) In case the bus stops in Bohinj only and your luggage is not too heavy, you can still decide to walk for about 2 km, or call me to pick you up.

By plane

Ljubljana-Jože Pučnik Cheap flights by easyJet from London Stansted

Flights by Adria from most European Capitals

Once at the airport, you can take a bus (or a special taxi) to Bohinj. There are some reasonable offers (more expensive and more frequent than regular bus, but cheaper than a reagular taxi fare). Ask me about details before you come.

Klagenfurt (Austria)

Cheap flights by Ryanair from London Stansted (and many others)

I don't know what the best way to come to Bohinj is. With some luck you can catch some train connections to Bohinjska Bistrica or Kranj (either takes 2 hours, but from Kranj it's a longer way to reach Bohinj by bus). It would take one hour to get there by car.

Trieste (Italy)

Cheap flights by Ryanair from London Stansted (and many others)

It's close, but with bad connections. Train connection Ronchi dei Leg. Nord-Gorizia Centrale-Nova Gorica-Bohinjska Bistrica takes approximately 3 hours if you're lucky (you need to walk or take a taxi between two train stations on the Italian border, but it is not too far; search for train connections Nova Gorica-Bohinjska Bistrica separately).

Zagreb Cheap flights by Wizzair from London Luton (and many others)

By bike or on foot

Those who are crazy enough to go that way probably have enough resources to find their way anyway ;)