4th ConTEXt Meeting: Brejlov (Prague), Czech Republic, September 13–18, 2010

Impression from the 4th Context Meeting



A perfect location. A perfect organization.
Hans Hagen

Thanks for wonderful conference, for occasion to meet nice people, to discuss new subjects and thanks for perfect organization!
Piotr Strzelczyk

It was a pleasure to be here.
... so nice people
... so wonderful location/environment
... so tasty food
... so careful organization
I hope to meet here again in three years.
Mojca Miklavec

Thank you for being so persistent to ask me to come to the Context Meeting, it was a nice time to see all the people on the list in reality.
Wolfgang Schuster

Thank you very much for this conference.
Ulrik Vieth

There is a lot to be remembered of this marvelous 4th Context Meeting:
- the heartwarming welcome
- the perfect location and facilities
- the great community
- the excellent food ...
Many thanks for all!
Willi Egger

The best Context Meeting ever.
Luigi Scarso

Thank you for a well organized conference. I just love so nice and well designed T-shirt.
Eva van Deventer

Thank you for the wonderful week!
Frans Goddijn

A wonderful week! Your hospitality was overwhelming. Thanks.
Steffen Wolfrum

Henning Hraban Ramm

Thanks for the great conference!
Harald König

I've enjoyed the meeting sooo much!
Patrick Gundlach

Merci pour cette conférence et par tout!
Arthut Reutenauer

Thank you for an enjoyable introduction to Bohemia.
Michael Guravage

Thank you! Thank you!
This conference and trip to the Czech Republic has been a highlight of this year.
Pavneet Arora

Thank you so much for this conference. I got to discover the Czech Republic as well as the members of the Context community!
Alan Braslau

Thank you so much for having me at this great meeting! It's been quite a pleasure. Big compliments go to excellent organization, great location, food, and conversation. See you on the list, and next time!
John Haltiwanger