14th ConTEXt Meeting: Prague–Sibřina, Czech Republic, September 6–12, 2020

Conference fee

The fee includes hosting (full board, starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with breakfast on Saturday), conference costs and conference materials.
Conference programme starts on Monday morning and ends on Friday evening. Installation help and consultations will be provided on Sunday evening.

We will not charge a cancellation fee to attendees, if their individual situation changes. In case the meeting is cancelled as a whole in the end, we will ask everybody registered (except students) to donate 20 € minimum to the ConTeXt group as sort of collective insurance. The collected money will be used as the cancellation payment to the hosting property.

Unless the fee is paid by your organization and you need an invoice in advance (contact <cg-treasurer at contextgarden dot net>), it is not necessary to pay the fee now to avoid unnecessary transfers in case the meeting is canceled. You will be notified in the participants list, when the right time comes.

Before registration you can register as a member of the ConTeXt Group, which entitles you to the discounted fee.

14th ConTeXt Meeting

Pre-registrations before July 31, 2020 (incl.) are considered early-bird payments.

Single rooms will be available – depending on number of participants likely in the other houses of the village – for an additional 100 € in total. Number of single rooms is extremely limited, and participants will be served on first come, first served basis.

ConTeXt Meeting Fee (Sunday to Saturday) early-bird (all pre-registrations payed later) normal (after July 31, 2020)
Regular 350 € 350 €
CG member 300 € 300 €

Everybody who will be the attending ConTeXt Meeting for the first time or is an active student can request an extra 100 € discount.

CSTUG members will be supported by the group with additional 50 € discount.


An excursion will be announced later.

Money transfers

If you have account in Europe (EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra), you can make a SEPA payment using IBAN/BIC (cheapest for both parties):

IBAN: FR86 2004 1010 1308 3104 6H03 464

You might also need the following addresses:

Our Address Bank Address
ConTEXt Group
La Roche Blanche
35190 Québriac
La Banque Postale
Centre Financier Rennes
11 rue Vanneau
35900 Rennes Cedex 9