15th ConTEXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, September 20–25, 2021

Sjetootje Jekervallei

The venue for the 15th ConTeXt meeting is a converted little chateau at Bassenge-Boirs, in the Belgian part of Limburg just across the border from Maastricht and Aachen and just a small distance to the north of Liège. This is a return visit, we used the same location for the 5th ConTeXt meeting in 2011, the 8th ConTeXt meeting in 2014, and the 13th ConTeXt meeting in 2019.

The website is unfortunately only in Dutch, but it does have some nice pictures of both interior and exterior.

Covid-19 Information

For travel advice within and to the EU, there is Reopen EU. Selecting 'Travel Plan' is the easiest way to get detailed information.

For travellers from outside of the EU, there is The UNWTO/IATA Destination Tracker.

And then there is the official information site of the Belgian government.


Rue d'Once 42
4690 Bassenge-Boirs

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Like in previous years, we will try to arrange pickups for people that do not come by car. Suggested pickup locations can be proposed by emailing Taco (Maastricht-Aachen airport is an obvious one, and so are the train stations in the three big cities in the neighbourhood: Maastricht, Aachen, and Liège).