17th ConTEXt Meeting: Prague–Sibřina, Czech Republic, September 10th–16th, 2023



The meeting will be held at our favourite venue in Sibřina, a small village next to Prague.


U Škodů is a renovated homestead from 1785, a nice place for talks and relaxation. The owners also run a small farm producing mostly honey and herbal products.


Breakfast will be provided at the farm. Lunch and dinner will be served in the neighboring restaurant.


Statek U Škodů
V Koutě 8
250 84
Czech Republic
Phone +420 281 971 681

Public transport

If you arrive at Prague main station (Praha hl.n.), you must walk about 800 m to the regional train station, Praha Masarykovo N.

There, take S1 (direction Kolín / Český Brod) and get off in Praha-Klánovice (6th stop, 21 min).

From there, it’s about 4 km. You could walk, but we can pick you up.
A few times a day, bus 303 (direction Křenice) goes via Sibřina. You can look for connection information at moovitapp.com.